Parent Council Corner

Parent Council Corner
PAC Funscript order is due back Wednesday November 21.

Next PAC meeting will be in January. 

Thanks to all parents who attended the last meeting!

Elections were held and here are the results: 

Co –Chairs           Karen Forbes and Ashley Reynolds

Co-Vice Chairs   Karen Forbes and Ashley Reynolds 

Secretary             Dana Rowat and Kelli Caravan

Treasurer            Jenny Groenewegen

Fundraising         Tom Bruce

PIC Rep                Melissa Morey

Communication Rachael Smith Tryon


-Holiday Concert is December 6th.  More detail to follow- teachers are taking the lead and we will do what we can to help/assist

-Recycling in the works – taking an idea from Sydenham High

-Aiming for 4-5 meetings over the next school year

-PAC Tuesday Pita Pit/Subway lunch will start in October

-Gift Card Fundraiser will start in November

-Little Caesars Fundraiser will start in February  

-Harrowsmith Fronts Night Feb. or March – date to follow

-PROgrant – still waiting on confirmation

-We will start to post more on school websites going forward