About Us

Welcome to Harrowsmith Public School, home of the HAWKS: Honesty, Attitude, Work, Knowledge, and Spirit!

Picture of the school

Harrowsmith Public School serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our students come from the rural area located around the village of Harrowsmith. Our boundaries are from Florida Rd in the South, to Boyce Rd/Holleford Rd in the North, to Boundary/Loughborough Rd to the East, and to Boundary Rd to the West. Students are mostly bussed to the school. Some of our French Immersion Grade 7 and 8 students come from further North and West.

Our school is a beautiful one level building with classes laid in a traditional long hallway formation. A new section was added to the back of the school and currently serves our primary students. We have a nice size gymnasium in a mostly air conditioned building. Our yard is gigantic with a football field, three climbers, two basketball courts, a soccer/baseball diamond, and numerous benches to sit on in the shade. As part of the Choices At Seven Program our school offers an extended French immersion program to students in grades seven and eight.

Education in our community school is a shared responsibility. Parents, students, staff, secretary, caretakers, administration, and the School Board all play a role in contributing to a successful school experience for our students. It is essential that we work together to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and safe environment where students feel confident to meet the challenges of education and to achieve their personal best. As students learn and mature, we celebrate their efforts and their achievements.

Through the four pillars of learning: Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Academic Excellence, students learn to take responsibility for their learning. This responsibility is developed through a variety of ways: school attendance, punctuality, attentiveness, class participation, participation in school activities, and positive decision making.

Active learning and resource-based learning, the basis of elementary education, teaches students the skills and gives them the tools to develop into lifelong learners with a positive self-image.

At Harrowsmith Public School we all work together in the best interests of our students!