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Prelevant Medical Plans of Care (forms)

This message is intended for the families of students with prevalent medical conditions where documentation is needed by the school.  The LDSB requires this documentation be completed each school year.

To help us gather important medical information about your child, we ask that you select the correct Plan of Care form below, complete it and return it to the school as soon as possible. If you require us to administer daily medication, you will also need to complete the necessary paperwork for us to be able to do this.  Completed forms can be faxed to 613 372-1364 or scanned & emailed to [email protected]

Daily medication will need to be dropped off at the school. Students can not carry medications in their backpack, at any time. Please call the school to make arrangements for drop off.

**Be sure to also include the supplementary forms if medication may need to be administered by school staff.

Health and safety of our kids is our first priority. Thank you for helping us stay informed on your child's medical conditions and Plan of Care.

Epilepsy - Plan of Care

Diabetes (Type 1) - Plan of Care

Asthma - Plan of Care

Anaphylaxis - Plan of Care


Supplemental Forms

Click below for necessary suplementary forms needed including:

All forms are found on the LDSB Website - Click HERE

(Note:  If you have already returned your child's medical forms for the 2021/22 please disregard this notice)